Jai Correa

Jai Correa is an alumnus of UMass Amherst. He is incredibly passionate about the Red Sox, Indian cricket and economics.

Analyzing Boston Red Sox Hitters For 2020

Jai Correa looks at the Boston Red Sox hitters and their fantasy outlook for 2020.

Analyzing San Francisco Giants Hitters For 2020

Jai Correa looks at the San Francisco Giants hitters and their fantasy outlook for 2020.

Playoff Preview: Rays vs. Astros

Jai Correa previews the American League Division Series matchup between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Houston Astros.

Going Deep: A Clinic In Hospposite-Field Hitting

Jai Correa looks at yet another subpar campaign from Eric Hosmer, but there is light at the end of the tunnel—hopefully.

Going Deep: Hitting the Ball As Profar As You Can

Jai Correa looks into Jurickson Profar's recent offensive surge and it might signal a breakout.

Going Deep: Nathan’s Eoval-ution

Jai Correa examines Nathan Eovaldi's injury-plagued season to date and how his landing foot is the key to solving his control issues.

Going Deep: Cleveland’s Got A New King (Of Spin)

Jai Correa looks at Aaron Civale's high spin repertoire and recent success, while also theorizing how he could improve his strikeout ability going forward.

Going Deep: Bo Knows

Jai Correa looks at Bo Bichette's blistering start to his Major League career and what his short term and long term impacts might be.

Going Deep: Hitting Rockets With The Longo

Jai Correa looks at Evan Longoria's 2019 and how he seems to be hitting a high level again—even if the traditional stat line doesn't say so.

Going Deep: 2019 Has Been Anything but Smooth Sale-ing

Jai Correa looks at Chris Sale's roller-coaster season to date and possible improvements that could aid his consistency.

Going Deep: Can Aaron Sanchez Return to Form?

Jai Correa looks at Houston's recent acquisition, Aaron Sanchez, and what steps need to be taken for him to capture past glory.

Going Deep: Matt’s Ev-Ol(u)son

Jai Correa dives into Matt Olson's yearlong success and how it's been an evolution derived from his past seasons.

Going Deep: Got My Eyes On Yu

Jai Correa looks at Yu Darvish's recent success with the cutter and how he might have changed for the better.

Going Deep: Free Bird

Jai Correa analyzes Madison Bumgarner's recent performance and what we should look for going into the deadline and beyond.

Going Deep: Eduardo Rodriguez’s Cycle of Inconsistency

Jai Correa investigates Eduardo Rodriguez's season to date and how it is the embodiment of his career.

Going Deep: Ed-wing’s Revival

Jai Correa analyzes Edwin Encarnación's early season success and discusses its sustainability with the division-leading New York Yankees.