Jai Correa

Jai Correa is an alumnus of UMass Amherst. He is incredibly passionate about the Red Sox, Indian cricket and economics.

Playoff Preview: Rays vs. Astros

Jai Correa previews the American League Division Series matchup between the Tampa Bay Rays and the Houston Astros.

Going Deep: A Clinic In Hospposite-Field Hitting

Jai Correa looks at yet another subpar campaign from Eric Hosmer, but there is light at the end of the tunnel—hopefully.

Going Deep: Hitting the Ball As Profar As You Can

Jai Correa looks into Jurickson Profar's recent offensive surge and it might signal a breakout.

Going Deep: Nathan’s Eoval-ution

Jai Correa examines Nathan Eovaldi's injury-plagued season to date and how his landing foot is the key to solving his control issues.

Going Deep: Cleveland’s Got A New King (Of Spin)

Jai Correa looks at Aaron Civale's high spin repertoire and recent success, while also theorizing how he could improve his strikeout ability going forward.

Going Deep: Bo Knows

Jai Correa looks at Bo Bichette's blistering start to his Major League career and what his short term and long term impacts might be.

Going Deep: Hitting Rockets With The Longo

Jai Correa looks at Evan Longoria's 2019 and how he seems to be hitting a high level again—even if the traditional stat line doesn't say so.

Going Deep: 2019 Has Been Anything but Smooth Sale-ing

Jai Correa looks at Chris Sale's roller-coaster season to date and possible improvements that could aid his consistency.

Going Deep: Can Aaron Sanchez Return to Form?

Jai Correa looks at Houston's recent acquisition, Aaron Sanchez, and what steps need to be taken for him to capture past glory.

Going Deep: Matt’s Ev-Ol(u)son

Jai Correa dives into Matt Olson's yearlong success and how it's been an evolution derived from his past seasons.

Going Deep: Got My Eyes On Yu

Jai Correa looks at Yu Darvish's recent success with the cutter and how he might have changed for the better.

Going Deep: Free Bird

Jai Correa analyzes Madison Bumgarner's recent performance and what we should look for going into the deadline and beyond.

Going Deep: Eduardo Rodriguez’s Cycle of Inconsistency

Jai Correa investigates Eduardo Rodriguez's season to date and how it is the embodiment of his career.

Going Deep: Ed-wing’s Revival

Jai Correa analyzes Edwin Encarnación's early season success and discusses its sustainability with the division-leading New York Yankees.