Daniel Port

Daniel is a Fantasy Baseball writer, Brewer, and Theatrical Technician, located in Denver, Colorado. A lifelong fan of baseball and the Cleveland Indians since before Albert Belle tried to murder Fernando Vina, he used to tell his Mom he loved her using Sammy Sosa's home run salute, has a perfectly reasonable amount of love for Joey Votto and believes everything in life should be announced using bat flips. If you want to talk baseball, beer, or really anything at all you can find him on twitter at @DanielJPort !

The Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings 2019 Edition – Week 6

The Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings comes back with a vengeance! This week Daniel Port explores two pitchers off to incredible starts and determines whether is an illusion or the real deal!

Going Deep: What’s the (Trevor) Story, Morning Glory?

Trevor Story is quietly putting together an MVP caliber season that should propel him into first-round consideration next year. Daniel Port dives into where Trevor Story belongs in the fantasy pantheon!

Baseball Musings: Mother’s Day Edition

The Mother's Day Edition of Baseball Musings is here! Daniel Port dishes on Moms, recaps the first month of the season, and talks fan-favorite jerseys!

Going Deep: Nick Markakis, the Forgotten All-Star

Nick Markakis is following up his All-Star season by playing even better in 2019! Daniel Port has the details on why you should want him on your team.

Going Deep: The Greatest Choo-dunit of All Time!

Shin-Soo Choo is turning back the clock so far in 2019. The mystery is whether or not it's legit. Don't worry — Daniel Port is on the case!

Baseball Musings from Week 5

As we get closer to closing the book on the first full month of baseball, Daniel Port has some thoughts about Week 5!

Going Deep: Interpreting BABIP and Players with Negative Regression on the Horizon

We're back with more exercises in interpreting BABIP with Daniel Port. Today he takes a look at three players with high BABIPs and determines whether or not we should expect them to regress!

The Pitcher Plate-Discipline Rankings 2019 Edition: 4/24

Week 3 of the Pitcher Plate-Discipline Rankings is here! Join Daniel Port as he takes a look at the rankings and discusses three pitchers who caught his eye!

Baseball Musings from Week 4

Back with his Week 4 thoughts and ramblings, Daniel Port chats on some fantasy baseball and baseball inspired topics from the week!

Going Deep: Interpreting BABIP and Players with Positive Regression on the Horizon

Worried about some of your hitters with low BABIPs in 2019? Daniel Port walks you through how to interpret weirdly low BABIPs and some players he expects good things for soon!

9 Baseball Musings from Week 3

Daniel Port has some thoughts on this Sunday in Week 3 of the season!

Going Deep: Carlos Santana, aka This Ain’t No Hatchet Job

Carlos Santana has made a huge change to his approach so far in 2019. Daniel Port has the details on why he should be on your radar.

The Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings 2019 Edition: 4/11

There is more than one way to evaluate a pitcher. Join Alex Drennan and Daniel Port as they revive the Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings for the 2019 Season!

Going Deep: Your (Ballpark) Is as Cold as Ice

Do you have a player who's struggling early this fantasy season? Fret not: Daniel Port may have the key to understanding why!

10 Baseball Things That Happened In Week 1

Daniel Port shares his top ten observations and thoughts about week one of the MLB season.

4 Underrated Second Basemen to Target on Draft Day

Daniel Port has 4 underrated second baseman for you to target on draft day!

Four Overrated Second Baseman to Avoid in Drafts

Daniel Port lets you know which second baseman you should actively be avoiding in your drafts.

Mock Draft #4 — Daniel Port’s Picks

A pick-by-pick analysis of Daniel Port's most recent mock draft complete with strategic insights and player deep dives!

Going Deep: Is Ji-Man Choi The Rays Best Power Hitter?

Is Ji-Man Choi the Rays best power hitter? Daniel Port takes a closer look.

Mock Draft #1: Daniel Port’s Picks

This past Tuesday, Daniel Port participated in the first Pitcher List mock draft of the year. Come check out how he did.