Daniel Port

Daniel is a Fantasy Baseball writer, Brewer, and Theatrical Technician, located in Denver, Colorado. A lifelong fan of baseball and the Cleveland Indians since before Albert Belle tried to murder Fernando Vina, he used to tell his Mom he loved her using Sammy Sosa's home run salute, has a perfectly reasonable amount of love for Joey Votto and believes everything in life should be announced using bat flips. If you want to talk baseball, beer, or really anything at all you can find him on twitter at @DanielJPort !

Going Deep: Tyler Beede Has Found Himself A Slider!

Tyler Beede has a new slider, and it has treated him pretty well! Daniel Port takes a look at how the slider changes Beede's game and what the new pitch means for his rest-of-season outlook.

Going Deep: Is Hunter Renfroe a Norse God?

Quietly, Hunter Renfroe has become one of the premiere power hitters in the league, Daniel Port dives into how and with which players he measures up with.

All-Star Weekend Journal Part One: The Prodigal Son Returns

The MLB All-Star festivities came to the home of rock 'n' roll and perogies, and Daniel Port was there. Here's part one of his All-Star Journal.

Pitcher List’s 2019 First-Year Player Mock Draft – Reviewing Daniel Port’s Picks

Daniel Port reviews the five players he selected in the Pitcher List First-Year Player Mock Draft.

Going Deep: Oscar Mercado, Return of the Last Crusade’s Revolutions From Beyond the Thunderdome, Part III

Oscar Mercado is up to a hot start. Daniel Port takes a deep dive to see how it lines up with a few players he's recently profiled!

Going Deep: It’s Time We Pay Attention to Lazer Ramon

Ramon Laureano is confirming last year's breakout. In fact, he might even be improving. Daniel Port takes a look at the bat behind the rocket arm to see what he can find.

Baseball Musings: 6/25

The Baseball Musings are back! Today Daniel Port dishes on Mickey Calloway, Adam Eaton's MILB comments and college athletes possibly getting paid in California!

Going Deep: Mallex Smith, You’re The Devil (Ray) In Disguise

Since returning from AAA, Mallex Smith has been hitting home runs and stealing bases left and right. Should we be buying in? Daniel Port weighs in on whether or not the reborn Smith is for real!

Going Deep: If You Give A Moose A Muffin…

Mike Moustakas has been the best Second Baseman so far in the 2019 Fantasy season. Daniel Port sets out to show how he's been able to do it!

Baseball Musings 6/10: Nets, Game Theory, and Silver Sluggers!

The Weekly Baseball Musings has arrived! This week Daniel Port talks about Rob Manfred's comments on netting, Game Theory, and names his Silver Slugger front-runners!

Going Deep: Double, Double, Toil and Trouble

Last week we looked at doubles that would have been home runs if hit in different parks. Today, Daniel Port is back to take a look at the other side of the equation.

Baseball Musings – 6/5 The Midweek Draft Edition!

Baseball Musings is back with a special mid-week Draft Edition! Check out what Daniel Port finds fascinating about the draft as well as his picks Cy Young so far and his thoughts on netting and low attendance!

Going Deep: A Double By Any Other Name

A third of the way through the season we have several power hitters who have seemed to trade their usual home runs for doubles. Daniel Port thinks the ballparks are to blame.

Baseball Musings – Week 8

The Weekly Baseball Musings are back! Daniel Port gives you his thoughts on the Twins, all the young bucks coming up, his MVPs through the first 54 games, and talks about Game Theory!

Going Deep: Michael Brantley and When Smooth Jazz Becomes Rock ‘N’ Roll

Michael Brantley is having an MVP-caliber season, and Daniel Port takes a deep dive into his newfound power and determines if it's for real!

The Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings 5/25

The Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings are back! This week Daniel Port revisits Stephen Strasburg to see what's changed and puts Hyun-Jin Ryu's 2019 under the microscope!

The Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings 2019 Edition – Week 6

The Pitcher Plate Discipline Rankings comes back with a vengeance! This week Daniel Port explores two pitchers off to incredible starts and determines whether is an illusion or the real deal!

Going Deep: What’s the (Trevor) Story, Morning Glory?

Trevor Story is quietly putting together an MVP caliber season that should propel him into first-round consideration next year. Daniel Port dives into where Trevor Story belongs in the fantasy pantheon!

Baseball Musings: Mother’s Day Edition

The Mother's Day Edition of Baseball Musings is here! Daniel Port dishes on Moms, recaps the first month of the season, and talks fan-favorite jerseys!

Going Deep: Nick Markakis, the Forgotten All-Star

Nick Markakis is following up his All-Star season by playing even better in 2019! Daniel Port has the details on why you should want him on your team.