Colin Charles

I am located in Winnipeg, MB and make my living as a fish biologist. I enjoy making beer, talking baseball and the outdoors.

Fantasy 101: Explaining Advanced Stats

Colin Charles and Scott Chu dive into the world of advanced stats and show you how to use them to your advantage.

Going Deep: CSW+⁠—The Team Factor

Colin Charles provides an update to CSW+, a member of the CSW family of statistics. The updated CSW+ now takes opponent quality into account while trying to account for each batter's true talent level.

CSW+: The Next Step

Colin Charles introduces the newest member of the CSW family: CSW+. CSW+ is a league and team adjusted statistic to partner with CSW, to show pitcher's performance against different levels of competition.

Mock Draft #1: Colin Charles’ Picks

Colin Charles discusses his mock draft

Going Deep: Top Second Half FIP Improvers

Here we look at the top five pitchers from the 2018 season who improved their FIP in the second half and dive in to see what made them successful.

Going Deep: Top Relief Pitchers by Pitch Value in 2018

Colin Charles looks at the top relief pitchers of 2018 by pitch values.