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Metric-Based SP Rankings Update – I survived my road trip edition

Updated rankings and analysis for starting pitchers through July 10, 2018

Weekly SP Metrics Update – Season Mid-Point Edition

A look at pitching metrics through roughly one half of the 2018 MLB season

Starting Pitcher Metrics Update!

Updated rankings and analysis of starting pitchers, through the lens of pure data-driven metrics

Starting Pitcher Metrics – Updated Rankings and Analysis

A return to my typical update style, including new rankings and analysis for 7 individual starters.

SP Plate Discipline Update – a Look Back So Far

a look back at predicted K rates from April, and how things played out in May.

Starting Pitcher Metrics Update – now with StatCast!

now including StatCast for a more comprehensive data-driven ranking system.

SP Plate Discipline Update #3

checking in on Starting Pitchers plate discipline trends through mid-May 2018

Plate Discipline – SP Update #2

now he's just some Bundy that I used to know...

Plate Discipline Update #2 – Reliever edition

A closer look at individual relievers and team bullpen performances from April 2018, through the lens of plate discipline metrics

Plate Discipline (for Pitchers) – Update #1

Examining trends in Plate Discipline Metrics (for Pitchers) through April 24, 2018