Anthony Messineo

Anthony is a life-long Mets fan who still hates Mike Scioscia and cried when Johan Santana pitched the Mets' first no-hitter. He is a 20+ year fantasy baseball veteran, commissioner of his own league, and has been known to plant flags on certain players...James Shields still hurts.

Fantasy 101: A Beginner’s Guide to Fantasy Baseball

Anthony Messineo writes the complete guide to fantasy baseball for the beginner.

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Anthony Messineo reviews his 23 selections from the first Pitcher List Staff Mock Draft

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Anthony Messineo looks at the controversial Hall of Fame candidacy of Barry Bonds.

Going Deep: Fighting Father Time

Anthony Messineo examines eight 35 and older players to determine if they will become victims of the ongoing MLB youth movement in 2019.

Going Deep: Reviewing OPS+ Leaders – Who is consistent and who was a surprise

Anthony Messineo uses OPS+ to identify players who have been consistent over the past three seasons and also players who surprised in 2018.