Adam Ottavino’s Fastball + The Nastiest Pitches from Tuesday’s Game

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Adam Ottavino’s Fastball – It’s not too often that Ottavino is featured on here for something other than his wicked slider, but this incredible two-seamer at 97 miles per hour got past Jason Heyward to end the seventh inning. And that is worthy of its own place atop the nastiest pitches.

Pedro Strop’s Slider – There was a lot of clutch pitching from the bullpen on either side, which kept this game close and into extra-innings. Strop dropped this wicked slider at a cool 86 miles per hour on Nolan Arenado for a crucial strike three.

Wade Davis’ Cutter – Davis dropped this absolute gem on Albert Almora, a tight cutter that was perfectly placed down and away. The late movement on this pitch really leaves hitters chasing.

Kyle Freeland’s Slider – I’m consistently shocked at how hard Freeland throws his slider. His location is fantastic here, leaving Willson Contreras frozen.

Jon Lester’s Curveball – Lester was his usual nasty self in the playoffs, tossing six innings of one run ball and striking out nine. Here he used his big, loopy curveball to get a big whiff from Ian Desmond for strike three.

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