Adam Ottavino’s 2-Seamer and the Nastiest Pitches from Saturday’s games

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Adam Ottavino’s 2-Seamer



Ottavino has been excellent all year for the bombers, making thier already historic ‘pen even more dominant. He’s known for his wiffle ball slider, but he’s got this running fastball in his pocket as well. Hey Jose Altuve, welcome back to the big leagues.


Kyle Crick’s Slider



Over the past few years Crick has been a valuable piece in the Pirates bullpen. Equipped with a slider like this one, I am not surprised. This pitch is in the zone for 55 feet – it just barely stays out of Hunter Renfroe’s reach.


Peter Lambert’s Changeup



While Lambert isn’t the biggest name that we’ve featured on Nastiest Pitches, his changeup deserves more recognition. This piece of filth flummoxes one the the best hitters on the planet (Cody Bellinger), inducing a very satisfying whiff.


Felipe Vazquez’s Changeup



I’m a Nationals fan, so whenever possible I make sure to watch Felipe (Rivero!) Vazquez pitch. He’s turned himself into one of the best relievers in the game – that happens with high 90s heat, a Bugs Bunny change and a darting slider. This change came after a lot of fastballs; it was nearly impossible for Hunter Renfroe to slow his bat down and reach out to get this fading slowball.


Brad Hand’s Slider



Ol’ reliable. Hand’s slider has elevated itself into one of the best “out” pitches in the game. He throws it away, in, down – pretty much everywhere but over the plate. This was one of a handful to pick from out of last night’s batch, a pretty good one to Brandon Dixon.


GIF of the Night


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