Zack Wheeler
New York Mets


66.6% Thrown  94.7 MPH

Wheeler gets excellent horizontal movement on his 95 MPH heater, allowing him to miss bats and generate grounders as he pounds the zone. It's a good plan of attack with his Four-Seamer and sets up his breaking pitches well.


15.7% Thrown  78.7 MPH

Wheeler has a tight Curveball with above average drop that helps him induce groundballs on top of putting batters away with a 41.2% K rate.


14.4% Thrown  88.8 MPH

Wheeler's Slider gets similar results to his Curveball with subtle, biting movement that he can sneak under the hands of left-handed batters.


3.5% Thrown  86.4 MPH

Wheeler's Changeup leaves a lot to be desired as he struggled mightily in 2014 to throw the ball inside the strikezone with just a 15.8% zone rate.