Zack Greinke
Arizona Diamondbacks


51.3% Thrown  91.2 MPH

Greinke's Four-Seamer had its highest vertical "rise" since 2010, leading to an increase of flyballs...which is far from ideal when batters had the second highest HR/FB rate off the pitch in Greinke's career at 17.1%. Meanwhile, batters simply weren't fooled by the pitch, holding a career high 90.0% contact rate and a career low 4.4% whiff rate on his Four-Seamer. Maybe it was the vertical movement change, maybe the small dip in velocity, but there is clearly something wrong with Greinke's heater and he will not return to his former self without fixing this issue.


10.4% Thrown  74.4 MPH

Despite allowing a career high 39.6% line drives with his Curveball last season, Greinke was able to have a positive season with the pitch as it induced a career high 43.0% O-Swing. His previous best O-Swing with the hook? 34.2% in 2009.


20.8% Thrown  85.3 MPH

Greinke's #2 pitch is a Slider that was absurdly deadly in 2015 for a 17.2 pVal. While it didn't have the same glimmer in 2016 (5.1 pVal), it was still a strong season with the pitch, featuring nearly the same elite O-Swing and whiff rates. The main difference between the two seasons was their HR/FB rates. 2015 held a 3.7% mark for the slide piece while 2016 saw a poor 17.4% rate. If you haven't picked it up by now, longballs were a major problem for Greinke in 2016.


17.5% Thrown  87.5 MPH

Right behind Greinke's Slider is a fantastic Changeup that tells the same story of his Slider - similar O-Swing and whiff rates to its 2015 iteration, but plenty worse HR/FB rates. Nevertheless, if Greinke can fix his Four-Seamer, this Changeup will be waiting to be as deadly as ever. It all comes back to that heater.