Zack Godley
Arizona Diamondbacks


37.7% Thrown  90.8 MPH

Godley focuses on Sinkers and Cutters to get by, though he struggles to pitch his Sinekr for a strike, hitting the zone just 42.4% of the time in 2016. The result was a -3.2 pVal as Godley refused to turn to the pitch deeper in counts.


25.2% Thrown  81.7 MPH

Godley's putaway pitch is this hook that earned a fantastic 48.4% K rate in 2016. He places the pitch well at the bottom of the zone, earning 45.2% O-Swing and 22.4% whiff rates.


10.0% Thrown  82.8 MPH

Godley gets an immense amount of drop with his Changeup, helping it earn a 20% whiff rate in each of his two seasons in the bigs. However, because he often finds himself behind it counts, he doesn't utilize the pitch as often as he should. Expect a rise in Changeups if Godley is able to improve the control of his Sinkerball.


27.1% Thrown  89.5 MPH

With his Sinker struggling to find the zone, Godley turns to his Cutter in deeper counts with its 56.8% zone rate. It wasn't the most successful pitch for Godley in 2016, however, as it allowed a poor .949 OPS en route to a -2.2 pVal for the season.