Zach Davies
Milwaukee Brewers


55.9% Thrown  89.3 MPH

The biggest obstacle for Davies is his Two-Seamer, which just doesn't get the job done currently. Whether its the pitch's low zone rate (48.7%), high 15.9% HR/FB mark, or .301 BAA, there isn't enough deception or ability to collect enough early strikes to let his secondary stuff take over.


10.9% Thrown  72.3 MPH

Davies often turns to his Curveball when in need of a strikeout, either with a surprise deuce as a backwards K, or getting batters to chase the pitch out of the zone 36.6% of the time.


20.7% Thrown  78.5 MPH

This Changeup is easily Davies' best pitch, with a whopping 22.3% whiff rate and 50.6% O-Swing in 2016. He creates excellent deception as he mimics his Two-Seamer perfectly, while keeping the ball under the zone to get batters to swing over it constantly.


12.6% Thrown  85.4 MPH

Davies has a solid skill of locating his Cutter where he wants to, which is nearly exclusively down-and-in to left-handers. The result was a solid batted ball profile for the pitch, featuring 50% grounders and an IFFB of 33.3% in 2016.