Yu Darvish
Los Angeles Dodgers


59.0% Thrown  93.3 MPH

Darvish featured more Fastballs than ever in 2016, which is typical for pitchers returning from TJS. Darvish primarily uses Four-Seamers as was able to dial it up to a career high 98.1mph in 2016 as the pitch featured its highest swinging strike rate of his career by far at an elite 11.6% clip. If he can continue to hit the zone with the pitch at a 50% rate with the same swing-and-miss ability, the sky is the limit for Darvish.


7.4% Thrown  71.4 MPH

Darvish loves to turn to his Curveball when ahead in the count and surprise hitters with a deuce falling into the zone for strike three. So much so that he ocassionally shocks batters with a slow curve that nears 70mph.


20.8% Thrown  81.1 MPH

Boy is this pitch good. Darvish's Slider gets over six inches of extra horizontal movement and five inches of bonus drop - it acts like a Curveball but looks like a Slider. On top of the obviously stellar whiff numbers - 45.3% O-swing and 18.6% swinging strike rate - was a 51.5% zone rate, a great step in the direction for Darvish who has always struggled with his frequency of free passes.


2.5% Thrown  86.3 MPH

While it's been said that Darvish plans to introduce more Splitters in 2017, he sure backed off the pitch last season, tossing just 40 total across his 100.1 innings. If he does increase the pitch's usage, don't expect a major shift in ability - the pitch holds just a 28.0% O-Swing rate across his career with better pitches in his arsenal to fan batters with.


10.3% Thrown  88.6 MPH

On top of his Slider, Darvish also throws a Cutter that has less dramatic movement but can be thrown at will over the plate to help earn strikes in early counts.