Yovani Gallardo
Seattle Mariners


44.7% Thrown  90.2 MPH

YoGa mixes Four-Seamers and Two-Seamers with a good amount of success. While his Two-Seamer struggles to hit the zone, it is a solid groundball generator and held batters to an incredibly low 0.24 ISO in 2016. Meanwhile, his Four-Seamer has a ton of vertical "rise" that induced infield pop-ups at a solid 25.8% mark and held an impressive 32.0% O-Swing.


12.6% Thrown  77.2 MPH

Gallardo's Curveball didn't do a whole lot in 2016, failing to land for a strike often (35.1% zone rate) while not looking enticing enough to chase off the plate either.


34.0% Thrown  86.5 MPH

There were rare moments like the one above where Gallardo spotted his Slider effectively. Most of the time, however, batters jumped all over the pitch, sporting a .985 OPS against Gallardo's Sliders and doing an excellent job of resisting the pitch when thrown off the plate.


8.8% Thrown  84.4 MPH

Gallardo's Changeup held an incredibly poor 3.3% whiff rate in 2016 as it lacks the necessary vertical drop to make it a proper mix up pitch with his Four-Seamer.