Yordano Ventura
Kansas City Royals


54.7% Thrown  96.3 MPH

Yordano was an electric pitcher and it started with Four-Seamer that could hit as high as 101.9mph. He didn't have the deception nor command of the pitch needed to truly become elite with his Four-Seamer, and in his final year he struggled to get his Two-Seamer over the plate with its above average horizontal movement. But when it worked, boy was a pleasure to watch, like the pitch above that nailed the corner at 98mph.


25.3% Thrown  83.0 MPH

Ventura featured one of the hardest Curveballs in the biz, topping out at 88.9mph. It was his jack-of-all-trades pitch, landing for strikes above 40% of the time, while missing bats constantly and generating grounders when hitters made contact. Its 11.6 pVal for 2016 was a career high as his command of the pitch was improving each year.


18.4% Thrown  86.1 MPH

There was a ton of upside in Ventura's Changeup when he executed the pitch right, featuring solid fade and a 10mph speed differential from his Fastballs. There was still work to be done with its consistency though it limited line drives in his final season to a low 16.7% mark.