Williams Perez
Chicago Cubs


74.4% Thrown  91.1 MPH

Perez is a Sinkerballer who performs as the term suggests, earning a 60.7% groundball rate with the pitch, which held back line drives to just a 15.0% rate last season. He pounded the zone constantly with the pitch at a 58.5% mark, though its low 5.9% IFFB rate leaves much to be desired.


15.6% Thrown  76.8 MPH

Despite being his second most thrown pitch, Perez is reluctant to use his Curveball, which acts like a "Get-Me-Over" pitch despite failing to find the zone over 40% of the time.


10.0% Thrown  78.9 MPH

There's upside in Perez's slow ball, which holds a 44.4% O-Swing rate across his two seasons. Additionally, it's difference in movement from his heater could open doors as a proper #2 pitch, but he'll have to trust to pitch more than just 85 thrown across an entire season first.