Wade Miley
Baltimore Orioles


49.1% Thrown  90.3 MPH

Miley dramatically cut down on his Two-Seamers last season, using mostly Four-Seamers instead. Unfortunately, Miley's Four-Seamer isn't much better, earning a -4.1 pVal in 2016 as batters held a .813 OPS and smacking flyballs for longballs at a 15.8% rate.


12.1% Thrown  77.0 MPH

On the plus side, Miley induced a whopping 72.4% groundballs with his deuce in 2016 as batters chased pitches off the plate 43.6% of the time. On the negative side, he held what seems to be an impossible 150% HR/FB with his deuce...since he allowed a hit classified as a line drive to leave the park. Yup.


20.8% Thrown  84.4 MPH

Miley turned to his Slider whenever he needed whiffs, choosing to throw it off the plate and take advantage of its excellent 47.3% whiff rate.


18.1% Thrown  82.5 MPH

The closest secondary pitch Miley has to rely on in deeper counts in his Changeup, but even it couldn't save him with a mediocre 43.2% zone rate in 2016. If Miley is going to cut the walks, look for him to focus more on getting this pitch over the plate.