Vance Worley
Cincinnati Reds


62.1% Thrown  89.1 MPH

Vance focused on Two-Seamers in 2016, and it worked in his favor, allowing just 19.0% line drives and 54.3% ground balls with the pitch. The one drawback was the lack on control - he failed to throw the pitch for strikes above the 50% mark, leading to a poor 10.9% walk rate with Two-Seamers


7.3% Thrown  75.0 MPH

Worley doesn't throw his Knuckle-Curveball often, reserving it for the ocassional surprise strike during at-bats.


28.2% Thrown  86.5 MPH

Worley lost a bunch of vertical movement on his Slider in 2016, resulting in a drop in whiff rate and increase in contact. However, Worley also was able to throw it for strikes, allowing him to recover from a terrible 2015 season with the pitch.


2.4% Thrown  83.3 MPH

Worley has consistently been hesitant to throw his Changeup at all with under 100 thrown across the last three seasons.