Ubaldo Jimenez
Baltimore Orioles


56.5% Thrown  89.9 MPH

Ubaldo features a mix of Two-Seamers and Four-Seamers with the latter being downright awful in 2016, allowing an ugly 14.4% walk rate and ,855 OPS to opposing hitters. His Two-Seamer wasn't much better, though its 51.2% groundball rate helped mitigate hard contact. It's possible we'll see another shift in pitch usage in favor of Two-Seamers again in 2017.


6.8% Thrown  74.8 MPH

Jimenez slightly increased his hook usage in 2016, utilizing the pitch as a "Get-Me-Over" Curveball to steal strikes early in counts.


16.8% Thrown  82.2 MPH

This Slider was a useful asset for Jimenez last season, earning the highest pVal among all his pitches at a 3.1 mark. It's above average horizontal bend allowed him to throw the pitch for strikes often without allowing hard contact - the pitch induced liners at a low 25.5% clip and an impressive 45.0% IFFB rate.


20.0% Thrown  83.4 MPH

The deadliest pitch at Ubaldo's disposal is a Splitter that set career highs in induced swings off the plate (48.5%) and whiffs (18.5%) in 2016. In addition, when batters made contact, they hit grounders at a sparkling 63.6% mark and held batters to a low .117 ISO.