Tyler Wilson
Baltimore Orioles


60.1% Thrown  89.6 MPH

It's mostly Four-Seamers with Wilson, which he pumps over the plate constantly, nearing a 60% mark in 2016. However, his precision could use some work as the pitch was often hittable, allowing batters to hold a high .315 average against the straight Fastball.


26.2% Thrown  78.7 MPH

Wilson has an impressive Curveball, which sacrifices vertical drop in favor of extra bend that makes it tough for batters to barrel up on the pitch. Wilson favors his hook as a strikeout pitch, though its 40% zone rate makes it an option in every situation.


12.3% Thrown  81.6 MPH

Wilson is still working on his Changeup to matchup with his heater, though there is potential if he can command the pitch properly, featuring a start contrast in movement from his Fastball despite similar spin.