Tyler Duffey
Minnesota Twins


53.3% Thrown  90.4 MPH

Duffey tried using a mix of Two-Seamers and Four-Seamers to find a way to get by with a Fastball, but nothing seemed to work - both pitches allowed OPS marks above 1.000 in 2016.


38.7% Thrown  80.4 MPH

Despite it's -2.0 pVal in 2016, this hook is Duffey's best pitch as it has earned a 44.9% chase rate in both years of his career and can keep up the whiffs if he lays down a better foundation with his Fastball/Changeup mix. Until then, it will be hard to collect strikeouts when having trouble getting to two strikes.


6.8% Thrown  82.3 MPH

Duffey could use help preventing batters from locking into his heater, but he'll get no respite with his Changeup that allowed 40.0% line drives and induced a whiff rate of just 8.4% in 2016.