Tyler Chatwood
Chicago Cubs


74.5% Thrown  92.0 MPH

Chatwood throws a Two-Seamer mixed with a Four-Seamer that acts like a Cutter. Both pitches each rack up a ton of grounders and limit liners to a sub 25% rate, setting a good foundation for his secondary pitches.


4.8% Thrown  76.5 MPH

Chatwood's Curveball gets a good amount of depth and is a decent option for strikeouts, but it only generates 9.0% whiffs and batters chase it off the plate just over 30% of the time. It's alright, but underwhelming.


3.9% Thrown  85.3 MPH

The fourth pitch in Chatwood's repertoire is a Changeup that doesn't hit the zone often enough, nor get batters fishing for it to justify a major role in his arsenal.


16.3% Thrown  86.4 MPH

Chatwood's Cutter acts like a Slider and was an all-around effective pitch, earning plenty of strikes through swings-and-misses while continuing the groundball brigade as it held a 52.1% mark in 2016.