Ty Blach
San Francisco Giants


64.1% Thrown  90.8 MPH

We barely saw Blach last season, though what he showed us was an average Two-Seam and an odd Four-Seamer that had essentially Sinker movement. Both pitches found the zone often and in their small samples limited the damage done by hitters, but it doesn't seem there is much upside here.


2.9% Thrown  76.8 MPH

Blach threw just seven Curveballs, but five of the them found the zone, exhibiting below average horizontal bend and typical drop. Expect this to be a "Get-Me-Over" pitch and nothing more.


21.3% Thrown  81.2 MPH

Blach's favorite secondary offering is a Slider that he overthrew a decent amount off the plate. With a larger sample, Blach could display better precision on the corner down-and-away from lefties, returning a whiff rate well above its 7.8% mark last season.


11.6% Thrown  81.2 MPH

With little movement separation from his Four-Seamer, Blach relies on its 10mph speed differential to earn whiffs with his Changeup. It worked last year, though he'll have to keep up its command for lasting success.