Tom Koehler
Los Angeles Dodgers


46.3% Thrown  91.8 MPH

Koehler has lowered his zone rate of his Four-Seamer in each of his five years in the majors, falling from a 56.8% zone rate in 2012 to just 48.7% last year. The result was his setting a high in walk rate of 16.5% while allowing a .953 OPS with the pitch.


22.6% Thrown  78.6 MPH

Koehler gets a bunch of vertical drop on his Knuckle-Curve, helping him earn grounders at a beautiful 63.0% rate and swings off that plate 37.5% of the time.


24.7% Thrown  85.4 MPH

Koehler added a touch of horizontal bend on his Slider in 2016 as his usage for the pitch jumped 11 points. It was a wise move, as his whiff rate grew to a stellar 18.3% with a high 43.3% O-Swing, collecting an excellent 17.1 pVal for the season.


6.4% Thrown  84.6 MPH

There's upside in Koehler's Changeup, which can earn free strikes with its solid 178.% whiff rate. However, he doesn't flex it often, electing to use his hook or Slider when looking for an alternative option to his heater.