The Pitching GIF of the First Half Tournament 2017 – ROUND 3

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We’ve seen incredible pitches over the second half of the season, and you’ve been voting all year for your favorite pitches. Now that the dust has settled, this week we will be hosting a tournament to crown the Nastiest Pitching GIF of the First Half. We just completed Round 2 yesterday and here are the results:

– Corey Kluber’s Fastball (54.8%) defeated Clayton Kershaw’s Curveball (45.2%) – Review

– Jose Berrios’ Curveball (57.4%) defeated Alec Asher’s Fastball (42.6%) – Review

– Blake Treinen’s Fastball (68.2%) defeated Aroldis Chapman’s Slider (31.8%) – Review

Aaron Nola’s Fastball (55.6%) defeated Chris Sale’s Slider (44.4%) – Review

As we enter Round 3, here’s a quick reminder of the rules:

– All GIFs were pulled from the fourteen GIF of the Week competitions we’ve had so far this season, with the exception of Marcus Stroman’s Slider, which was thrown this past Saturday.

– Every winner was granted an automatic bid, with the extra slots being hand selected among other finalists.

– Votes will last until 8:00am EST the following morning, with the next round starting at 10:00am every morning and final round beginning on Friday morning. The winner will be revealed Monday morning next week.

Take a look at the updated version of this contest’s beautifully hand-drawn bracket:

Click the link below to start voting!

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