Tanner Roark
Washington Nationals


61.3% Thrown  92.0 MPH

Roark made an adjustment with his Two-Seamer in 2016, using the pitch a ton as a front-door Fastball to left-handers and back-door pitch to right-handers, bumping his strikeout rate with the pitch up nearly five points.


12.4% Thrown  77.2 MPH

Despite losing both vertical and horizontal movement on his Curveball, it was a worthy sacrifice as Roark earned better command of the pitch, bumping his zone rate nearly eight points and reducing its allowed ISO to just .088 in 2016.


15.4% Thrown  85.3 MPH

Roark changed his approach with his Slider, improving his command of the pitch, nibbling the down-and-away corner of the zone more frequently, playing with batters as the couldn't tell if the pitch was going to fall for a strike or drop out of the zone. The result was a 3.5 point boost in whiffs and a near 5 point drop in liners allowed.


9.8% Thrown  83.7 MPH

Roark bumped up his Changeup usage and it was a useful tool to help earn grounders and weak contact as batters held just a .153 BAA against the slow ball in 2016.