Steven Wright
Boston Red Sox


14.9% Thrown  83.2 MPH

It's Knuckleball central with Wright, though he features heaters above the 80mph mark every so often to steal strikes when it isn't working with his spinless ball.


15.5% Thrown  67.1 MPH

More than Dickey, Wright likes to throw in secondary offerings a decent amount, including this Curveball that acts like a harder eephus than a true deuce. It took batters by surprise, allowing just a .172 BAA across the 386 thrown last year.


69.9% Thrown  74.3 MPH

It's all about the knuck with Wright, which worked incredibly well last season for a total 6.2 pVal for the season. Obviously a feel pitch, here's to hoping he can keep it up again in 2017.