Steven Brault
Pittsburgh Pirates


67.2% Thrown  91.0 MPH

Brault's heater isn't all too special and had trouble finding the plate in 2016, holding a low zone rate of just 46.2%. He'll need to set the tone better with his heater if he plans to setup his Changeup properly.


24.3% Thrown  83.3 MPH

The sole breaking ball in Brault's repertoire is a Slider that holds below average movement and struggles to land in the zone. And when it does? It's laced for line drives at a 45.2% rate. Ouch.


8.5% Thrown  84.7 MPH

Brault's most effective is a Changeup that plays well with his Four-Seamer, though execution is critical as it relies solely on speed differential and not movement to deceive hitters.