Stephen Strasburg’s Changeup + The Best Pitches From This Weekend’s Games

Every morning we review the five best pitches from the previous day’s games in glorious HD GIFs. Don’t forget to vote for your favorite pitch and and check back this weekend to see if it will be in contention for the “GIF of the Week”. Did we miss your favorite pitch? Send us a tweet next time @ThePitcherList and we’ll GIF it up + give you a shoutout here in the article.

Congrats to Steven Wright’s Knuckleball for winning GIF of the Week! There wasn’t much competition for this Knuckler, and it’s already one of the favorites for the best pitch of the 2nd half.

Stephen Strasburg‘s Changeup – Strasburg has almost had a lost season in Washington, but came back roaring on Saturday with 12 Ks over seven innings. Charlie Blackmon couldn’t handle this 90 MPH Changeup, and we’re not sure if anyone can.

Jake Arrieta’s Curveball – Arrieta was his normal self in Chicago as he silenced the Giants. For the we-don’t-know-how-many-because-it’s-so-good time, his Curveball deserved a spot in the Roundup as Brandon Belt was sent back to the dugout. (Thanks to both @matt_wells16 and @tejasxb for the tip!)

Cory Rasmus’ Fastball – Not only did this pitch nip the top of the strikezone, but it was too nasty for Orioles color commentator Jim Palmer to accept. Props to Gary Thorne for calling him out on it. Thanks to Reddit user ProbablyMyLastLogin for the tip!)

Shane Robinson’s Knuckleball – It’s always fun seeing position players get their chance to make magic happen on the mound, and Robinson didn’t disappoint with this beautiful Knuckleball that just caught the outside corner.

Kyle Hendricks’ Changeup – Hendricks is back with another GIF of his buttery-smooth Changeup as it juuuust falls under bat for the strikeout. It wasn’t the best weekend for Belt. (Thanks to Reddit user MundaneInternetGuy for the tip!)

Carlos Villanueva’s Curveball – Villanueva most likely will not appear on this list again, but his slow Curveball can be a fun pitch to watch. Ryan Braun nearly lost his helmet chasing this hook off the plate. (Thanks to Reddit user iamadacheat for the tip!)

GIF Of The Weekend

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