Sonny Gray
New York Yankees


59.9% Thrown  92.8 MPH

Gray was able to generate grounders with both his Four-Seamer and Two-Seamer, rotating between the two constantly. However, neither pitch could avoid the wrath of hitters, each allowing OPS marks above .850 for the season.


15.6% Thrown  80.7 MPH

Like his Slider, Gray saw a 10 point drop in zone rate with his deuce, which had been Mr. Reliable in the past. He added horizontal bend to the pitch, though, and an injury season could bring the big hook back into his favor for 2017.


11.8% Thrown  85.1 MPH

Gray struggled mightily with his Slider last season, losing the feel for the pitch as he couldn't spot the ball for a strike (just a 23.0% zone rate!). His inability to command it properly led to spike in line drives and a bigger reliance on his Fastball as he didn't have confidence with the pitch in deeper counts.


9.0% Thrown  88.0 MPH

Gray doesn't feautre his Changeup often, but it has been a steady source of strikes when he loses his feel for his breaking pitches. It oils Gray's groundball machine as well, earning 61.7% grounders across his career.


3.7% Thrown  90.2 MPH

Gray also toys with a Cutter, acting like a subtler version of his Slider. It suffered the same struggles, however, as it failed to land in the zone above the 30% mark, while generating fewer than 10% whiffs.