Sit/Start Week 7: Reviewing All Starting Pitcher Matchups From 5/14 – 5/20

Every Sunday here at Pitcher List, I review all expected starting pitcher matchups for the week ahead. There are three labels: StartMaybe, and Sit. Outings marked with a Maybe are circumstantial and dependent on your needs in a 12-teamer, while the other two are self-explanatory. Feel free to question my designations in the comments and we’ll dive into it together.

Here’s the massive table containing every Week 7 start from 5/14 – 5/20:


Date Game Away PitcherSit / StartHome PitcherSit / Start
5/14MIL vs ARIJunior GuerraSitPatrick CorbinStart
5/14OAK vs BOSSean ManaeaStartRick PorcelloStart
5/14ATL vs CHCJulio TeheranMaybeJose QuintanaStart
5/14CLE vs DETCarlos CarrascoStartMike FiersSit
5/14TBR vs KCRRyan YarbroughSitEric SkoglundSit
5/14HOU vs LAALance McCullersStartAndrew HeaneyMaybe
5/14SEA vs MINWade LeblancSitJake OdorizziSit
5/14COL vs SDPTyler AndersonStartJoey LucchesiStart
5/14CIN vs SFGSal RomanoSitChris StrattonMaybe
5/15MIL vs ARIJhoulys ChacinSitZack GreinkeStart
5/15CHC vs ATLYu DarvishStartMike FoltynewiczMaybe
5/15PHI vs BALNick PivettaStartAndrew CashnerSit
5/15OAK vs BOSDaniel MengdenSitEduardo RodriguezStart
5/15CLE vs DETJosh TomlinSitFrancisco LirianoSit
5/15TBR vs KCRBullpen?SitIan KennedySit
5/15HOU vs LAAGerrit ColeStartJaime BarriaSit
5/15LAD vs MIAAlex WoodStartWei-Yin ChenSit
5/15STL vs MINJack FlahertyMaybeJose BerriosMaybe
5/15TOR vs NYMJaime GarciaSitNoah SyndergaardStart
5/15CHW vs PITReynaldo LopezStartTrevor WilliamsMaybe
5/15COL vs SDPGerman MarquezMaybeJordan LylesSit
5/15TEX vs SEAMike MinorMaybeMike LeakeSit
5/15CIN vs SFGTyler MahleStartTy BlachSit
5/15NYY vs WSHMasahiro TanakaStartGio GonzalezMaybe
5/16MIL vs ARIBrandon WoodruffSitMatt KochSit
5/16CHC vs ATLTyler ChatwoodSitBrandon MccarthySit
5/16PHI vs BALVince VelasquezMaybe???Sit
5/16OAK vs BOSKendall GravemanSitChris SaleStart
5/16CLE vs DETTrevor BauerStart???Sit
5/16TBR vs KCRJacob FariaMaybeJason HammelSit
5/16HOU vs LAAJustin VerlanderStartGarrett RichardsStart
5/16LAD vs MIAWalker BuehlerStartDan StrailyMaybe
5/16STL vs MINMiles MikolasStartLance LynnSit
5/16TOR vs NYMJ.A. HappStartZack WheelerSit
5/16CHW vs PITCarson FulmerSitJameson TaillonStart
5/16TEX vs SEABartolo ColonSit???Sit
5/16CIN vs SFGMatt HarveySitAndrew SuarezMaybe
5/16NYY vs WSHCC SabathiaMaybeTanner RoarkMaybe
5/17CHC vs ATLJon LesterStartMichael SorokaStart
5/17BAL vs BOSKevin GausmanSitDavid PriceStart
5/17TEX vs CHWCole HamelsMaybeHector SantiagoSit
5/17TBR vs LAAChris ArcherMaybeTyler SkaggsStart
5/17LAD vs MIAKenta MaedaStartCaleb SmithStart
5/17SDP vs PITEric LauerSitChad KuhlMaybe
5/17DET vs SEAMatthew BoydSitMarco GonzalesSit
5/17COL vs SFGChad BettisMaybeJeff SamardzijaMaybe
5/17PHI vs STLJake ArrietaStartLuke WeaverMaybe
5/17OAK vs TORAndrew TriggsMaybeAaron SanchezMaybe
5/18MIA vs ATLJarlin GarciaSitSean NewcombStart
5/18BAL vs BOSAlex CobbSitDrew PomeranzMaybe
5/18TEX vs CHWDoug FisterSitJames ShieldsSit
5/18CHC vs CINKyle HendricksStartHomer BaileySit
5/18CLE vs HOUMike ClevingerStartCharlie MortonStart
5/18NYY vs KCRSonny GraySitJakob JunisSit
5/18TBR vs LAABlake SnellStartNick TropeanoMaybe
5/18MIL vs MINFreddy Peralta?MaybeKyle GibsonStart
5/18ARI vs NYMZack GodleyStartJacob DegromStart
5/18SDP vs PITTyson RossStartIvan NovaMaybe
5/18DET vs SEAMichael FulmerStartFelix HernandezSit
5/18COL vs SFGKyle FreelandMaybeDerek HollandSit
5/18PHI vs STLZach EflinMaybeMichael WachaStart
5/18OAK vs TORBrett AndersonSitMarco EstradaSit
5/18LAD vs WSHRoss StriplingSitMax ScherzerStart
5/19MIA vs ATLJose UrenaSitJulio TeheranMaybe
5/19BAL vs BOSDylan BundySitRick PorcelloStart
5/19TEX vs CHWMatt MooreSitLucas GiolitoSit
5/19CHC vs CINJose QuintanaStartLuis CastilloMaybe
5/19CHC vs CIN???SitSal RomanoSit
5/19CLE vs HOUCorey KluberStartDallas KeuchelStart
5/19NYY vs KCRDomingo GermanMaybeDanny DuffySit
5/19TBR vs LAARyan YarbroughSitShoehi OhtaniStart
5/19MIL vs MINChase AndersonMaybeFernando RomeroMaybe
5/19ARI vs NYMPatrick CorbinStartSteven MatzSit
5/19SDP vs PITClayton RichardSitNick KinghamStart
5/19DET vs SEAMike FiersSitJames PaxtonStart
5/19COL vs SFGJon GrayStartChris StrattonSit
5/19PHI vs STLAaron NolaStartAdam WainwrightSit
5/19OAK vs TORSean ManaeaStartJoe BiaginiSit
5/19LAD vs WSHRich HillMaybeStephen StrasburgStart
5/20MIA vs ATLWei-Yin ChenSitMike FoltynewiczStart
5/20BAL vs BOSAndrew CashnerSitEduardo RodriguezStart
5/20TEX vs CHWMike MinorMaybeReynaldo LopezStart
5/20CHC vs CINYu DarvishStartTyler MahleMaybe
5/20CLE vs HOUCarlos CarrascoStartLance McCullersStart
5/20NYY vs KCRLuis SeverinoStartEric SkoglundSit
5/20TBR vs LAABullpen?SitAndrew HeaneyStart
5/20MIL vs MINJunior GuerraMaybeJake OdorizziSit
5/20ARI vs NYMZack GreinkeStartNoah SyndergaardStart
5/20SDP vs PITJoey LucchesiStartTrevor WilliamsMaybe
5/20DET vs SEAFrancisco LirianoSitWade LeblancSit
5/20COL vs SFGTyler AndersonStartTy BlachSit
5/20PHI vs STLNick PivettaStartCarlos Martinez?Start
5/20OAK vs TORDaniel MengdenMaybeJaime GarciaSit
5/20LAD vs WSHAlex WoodStartJeremy HellicksonSit


Nick Pollack

Founder of Rotographs and Washington Post contributor and has worked with CBS Sports, Grantland, and SB Nation. Former pitching coach and Brandeis alum.


Stephen Mejias

Hi. This is my first time commenting here. Thanks so much for all of the excellent, entertaining, and informative articles! I’ve learned so much and have had a great time here. My question is: Tyler Anderson seems like a great choice against two relatively weak offenses, but does that take into consideration the fact that both San Francisco and San Diego are much stronger against lefties?
Thanks again!

Nick Pollack

Hey Stephen! Thanks for the kind words and frequenting the site.

Great question. I think Tyler Anderson is good enough that the label of “good/bad vs. Lefties” isn’t enough to deter me from rolling with him outside of Coors. I tend not to put a ton of weight against lefty/righty splits unless extreme scenarios.

Wheelhouse Wreck

Hi Nick! Great stuff on here. It’s the best…seriously. Just wondering if you take the win into account for your analysis or the quality start. Also, home/road splits and recent production (if they’re hot or cold). You rock

Nick Pollack

Good question. Wins/QS, not much – only in care scenarios. Home/road – very rarely. Recent production – Definitely, but not religiously.


Who would you start this week for pitchers
Pivetta, Buehler or Bettis

Didi is struggling so would you do this
Didi sit
Dee Gordon 2B
Manacho BALT SS
Joze Ramirez 3B

Nick Pollack

Wait, is Skoglund listed as a start?

He’s definitely a sit.

EDIT: Oh god that’s horrifying. So sorry, that’s so wrong, he’s 100% a sit.

Southern Marylander

Just the very same table. I can pull it with IMPORTHTML, if that doesn’t tax your site too much, though if there’s a Google Sheet available that would be easier than having to create a formula with dynamic HTML names. I’m using it in a massive spreadsheet that I built for the guys in my fantasy league. It analyzes the weekly results / match-ups and uses FanGraphs projections to project future head-to-head results.


Lance McCullers against the Indians you say start. The current Indians are batting 417 against McCullers. McCullers seems to be pitching much better this year is that why you think he’s a start? Thank you


Hey Nick!

I own both Nola and Flaherty, going head to head today. Barely losing ERA(.14), WHIP(.01), W(1), K(10), QS(2). Relievers that could go are Hand, Vizc, Strickland, B. Norris.

Do I start both, or just Nola?


Haha didn’t expect the choice of starting Nola and benching Flaherty would backfire 😂 good old baseball.

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