Seth Lugo
New York Mets


56.5% Thrown  92.2 MPH

Lugo does an excellent job of placing his Two-Seamer down-and-in the right-handers, making it tough for batters to square up for liners (just a 19.7% rate in 2016). When hitting glove-side, he turned to his Four-Seamer, which was able to land inside the strikezone nearly 10 points more than his riding heater.


16.5% Thrown  78.0 MPH

This Curveball is Lugo's favorite putaway pitch, which has a ton of vertical drop - nearly six inches more than typical right-handed hooks. It's big break allowed him to earn a 35.1% K rate with the pitch in 2016.


18.8% Thrown  86.6 MPH

Lugo's most consistent breaking ball is a Slider that he can spot in the zone at a 51.4% rate while also getting batters to chase off the zone at a 32.2% rate despite its mediocre life.


8.1% Thrown  85.7 MPH

Lugo feature's a Four-Seam grip on his Changeup, using the speed differential to get a handful of whiffs and generate 50% grounders. However, he made plenty of mistakes with the pitch, which will be hard to mask given its below average movement.