Scott Kazmir
Los Angeles Dodgers


54.6% Thrown  91.4 MPH

Kazmir loves his Two-Seamers, though batters did too in 2016 as they held a .193 ISO and smacked 30.8% liners, rendering a -3.8 pVal for the pitch.


7.3% Thrown  77.0 MPH

This is as much of a "Get-Me-Over" Curveball as you'll find anywhere in the majors.


8.8% Thrown  80.8 MPH

Kaz's favorite breaking ball is this Slider, which held an impressive 14.3% whiff rate on the back of its solid vertical drop. The pitch took a step forward in 2016, gaining 2.5 inches of vertical drop, 1.4 inches of inches of horizontal bend, and an increased ability to throw it for strikes, allowing Kazmir to rely on it regularly in deep counts.


18.8% Thrown  76.6 MPH

Kazmir has had the ability to miss bats frequently with his Changeup, earning at least a 17% whiff rate with the pitch in each of the last three seasons. And when batters put the ball in play, it wasn't much better, holding a paltry .207 BAA in 2016.


10.5% Thrown  87.3 MPH

In 2015, Kazmir added a Cutter to play toss off the plate inside to right-handers and the results have been a 44.4% pop-up rate and 56.1% grounders in that span.