Ryan Vogelsong
Minnesota Twins


49.4% Thrown  90.1 MPH

Despite middling velocity, Vogelsong has had the most success with his Fastballs over his career, as he features an excellent ability of pinpointing heaters in the bottom half of the strikezone, often inside to jam right-handed hitters. His skill waned a bit last year, featuring a career high 35.5% line drive rate and career low 45.8% zone marks on his Four-Seamer.


15.6% Thrown  75.8 MPH

2016 say Vogelsong suddenly lose command of his Curveball, as it dropped from a 44.4% zone rate to just 27.0% in 2016. Considering the pitch was used to secure strikes whenever he needed them, it's a big blow to his arsenal.


21.9% Thrown  87.0 MPH

There's little deception to be found in Vogelsong's Slider, as it held a minimal 10.2% O-Swing rate in 2016. Still, he can pound the zone with the pitch, which acts similar to a Cutter given its subtle horizontal break and lack of vertical drop.


13.1% Thrown  83.6 MPH

Vogelsong likes to sneak in Changeups for strikes, but he's been getting punished with the pitch over the last three years, spiking at a 1.149 OPS allowed in 2016.