Rubby De La Rosa
Arizona Diamondbacks


63.3% Thrown  94.6 MPH

De La Rosa pulled back on his Two-Seamers in favor of more straight Four-Seamers, which was a smart move given the ineffectiveness of his riding Fastball. However, despite its excellent velocity that touched 97.9mph last season, Rubby had trouble limiting the longball, leading to a 22.7% HR/FB rate and an allowed .210 ISO.


28.7% Thrown  84.2 MPH

De La Rosa has a deadly pitch in his Slider, which earned a whopping 22.2% whiff rate in 2016, with batters chasing it out of the zone nearly half the time. Expect the Ks to keep flowing as he gets above average horizontal and vertical movement with his slide piece.


8.0% Thrown  87.1 MPH

De La Rosa dialed back on Changeups to throw more Sliders - understandably so - though it would be in his best interest to up the Changeup total in exchange for fewer heaters. A better balance would take advantage of the solid deception he gets with the pitch, which holds a 16.8% whiff rate across his career.