Round 1: Corey Kluber’s Slider vs. Adam Ottovino’s Slider

It’s an early battle of two heavyweight Sliders featuring two pitches that you’ll have to watch on repeat to believe what you saw. Corey Kluber is already well known for doing unreal things with his slide piece, and it was in top form early in the season against the White Sox. Jose Abreu had no chance as the ball darts away like a magnet. Former Rockies closer Adam Ottovino got off to a hot start in Colorado, impressing many fans with this Slider that magically glides back over the plate to stun Justin Maxwell. Sadly the Berkeley Carroll alum was forced to end the season for Tommy John Surgery, but fortunately we have this pitch to remember what he can do.


Corey Kluber’s Slider vs. Adam Ottovino’s Slider

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Nick Pollack

Founder of Rotographs and Washington Post contributor and has worked with CBS Sports, Grantland, and SB Nation. Former pitching coach and Brandeis alum.