Ross Stripling
Los Angeles Dodgers


47.1% Thrown  90.5 MPH

Stripling rolls with a Four-Seamer that generated a decent amount of fly balls...but very few infield pop-ups - just a 6.7% rate last season. It's a bit worrisome, especially with a 31.1% line drive mark. With a decent array of secondary pitches, Stripling's development hinges greatly on improvement his heater.


21.9% Thrown  77.6 MPH

The putaway pitch in Stripling's arsenal is a Curveball that over two inches of extra drop. It doesn't fan batters at an alarming rate due to its sub 40% zone mark and 33.6% O-Swing metrics, but even when it is connected with, batters roll over it for groundballs at a 62.5% rate.


21.0% Thrown  86.3 MPH

Strippling's best offering is this Slider, which he can throw for strikes constantly while churning grounders, limiting batters to just an .088 ISO in 2016.


10.0% Thrown  82.2 MPH

Along with his Slider, Stripling can turn to his Changeup when needing a surprise strike, playing off of his Four-Seamer well.