Roenis Elias
Boston Red Sox


58.4% Thrown  92.5 MPH

We didn't see much of Elias in 2016, but over his career we've seen him rotate between Four-Seamers and Two-Seamers, focusing arm-side with his riding Fastball while relying on his straight heater to come inside to right-handers. Both pitches have struggled in Elias' career, though his Two-Seamer mitigated line drives at a 21.3% rate in 2015 - much better than his Four-Seamer's 34.7% clip.


16.7% Thrown  84.9 MPH

Elias has a mighty Curveball, which gets bonus bend to give him a 14.1% career whiff rate. It's his primary strikeout pitch, which holds an impressive 49.8% K rate across his career.


25.0% Thrown  76.6 MPH

Since his deuce gets the love when ahead in the count, Elias needs his Changeup to earn strikes when behind, which he gets via chases off the plate at a career 39.7% mark. Pair that with a 15.9% whiff rate due to a ton of horizontal ride and you have a solid #3 pitch.