Robert Stephenson
Cincinnati Reds


64.2% Thrown  93.1 MPH

If Stephenson is going to make an impact in the majors, he'll need to dramatically lower the 15.4% walk rate on his heater. It's a product of wild control inside the zone, as well as lack of confidence to throw a strike with both his Curveball and Changeup.


17.8% Thrown  81.1 MPH

Stephenson did a good job of hitting the zone with his breaking ball, while also getting a good amount of chases off the plate at a 43.8% mark. He'll have to focus on getting strikes with his Curveball as his Changeup will be spotted off the plate and his Four-Seamer needs the help.


18.1% Thrown  85.2 MPH

If you want a peek at Stephenson's upside, just check out that GIF above. He got an ton of whiffs with the pitch last season (20.2% mark) and used it as his primary strikeout offering. If he can uses his Curveball to steal strikes when behind, Stephenson should be able to turn to this pitch to close the door.