Robert Gsellman
New York Mets


63.6% Thrown  93.6 MPH

One of Gsellman's best assets is his ability to throw strikes with his secondary pitches, allowing him to not hinge on his Two-Seamers when behind in the count. That means he can generate grounders aplenty at a 63.5% rate with his 51.8% zone rate and high 28.8% O-Swing mark.


10.7% Thrown  81.2 MPH

With his Slider taking center stage, Gsellman mixes in his Curveball to provide a new look, while also stealing ocassional strikes.


20.5% Thrown  87.9 MPH

The sturdiest pitch in Gsellman's arsenal is this Slider that can be thrown in and out of the zone to earn strikes - 37.9% O-Swing, 17.9% whiff rate, and a 40% zone rate. It also helps that he didn't allow a single extra-base hit with the pitch last season, allowing only 11.8% liners across 145 thrown.


5.2% Thrown  86.8 MPH

There's work to be done with Gsellman's Changeup, as it doesn't have the fade to induce poor hacks while lacking the command to pair it well with his heater.