Ricky Nolasco
Los Angeles Angels


48.5% Thrown  90.3 MPH

It's an even mix of Four-Seamers and Two-Seamers, with the latter being a much more effective pitch in the long run of 2016. He was able to add its highest horizontal bend since 2013 while carrying the second most grounders of his career and the fewest line drive sallowed on the pitch. His Four-Seamer on the other hand allowed an OPS of .967...maybe a change is necessary for 2017.


11.0% Thrown  73.1 MPH

While his Slider is an all purpose pitch, Nolasco uses his Curveball almost exclusively when ahead or even in the count. He lost both horizontal bend and vertical drop with the pitch in 2016, taking a hit in its whiff rate and raising its contact rate nearly 15 points in the process.


32.8% Thrown  81.1 MPH

Nolasco throws a ton of Sliders and its easy to see why - a career 42.4% O-Swing, 16.7% swinging strike rate, and still being able to hit the zone over 40% of the time. Whenever Nolasco is in need, look for the slide piece.


7.6% Thrown  79.5 MPH

Another strikeout option is Nolasco's Splitter, which can miss bats at a solid 14.7% mark. However, its used over 70% of the time as a chase pitch, making it tough to be a consistent ally.