Rich Hill
Los Angeles Dodgers


46.9% Thrown  90.3 MPH

It may be testament to his fantastic Curveball, but Hill's Four-Seamer was unbelievably good last season, especially when you consider its average velocity. Pairing a 12.7% whiff rate and 61.1% zone rate for a Fastball are incredible for a 90mph heater. In fact, batters had more contact against Hill's deuce than his Four-Seamer in 2016.


50.9% Thrown  74.5 MPH

The other side of the coin is Hill's deuce, which gets all of the focus with its plus horizontal and vertical movement. Batters simply couldn't handle the pitch, holding just a .063 ISO and hitting grounders over 60% of the time.


2.0% Thrown  82.1 MPH

Hill will sprinkle in this Changeup once or twice per game as a way to sneak in a free strike when he feels like he needs a third option to a strong hitter, often in their third at-bat of the game.