Reynaldo Lopez
Chicago White Sox


64.5% Thrown  95.8 MPH

The first thing most people notice about Reynaldo is that he throws hard - his Four-Seamer topped out at 99mph last season. That often comes with lack of command and Lopez wasn't an exception with many pitches flying high and arm-side as he overthrew, flying open with his shoulders too soon. He'll need to harness that command to setup his Changeup and Curveball properly, but if he can do that, there's a lot of upside to be found.


25.3% Thrown  78.0 MPH

Reynaldo's Curveball has the potential to be a major strikeout pitch for the young right-hander, which already earned a 44.4% K rate in 2016 as it missed bats at a 16.3% mark.


10.3% Thrown  85.8 MPH

Lopez has a solid Changeup waiting to be unleashed and if he gets a spot in the White Sox rotation, look for this pitch to take a bigger role. If he's rolling with his Changeup and its 10mph difference from his Four-Seamer, good times await.