Rafael Montero
New York Mets


57.0% Thrown  92.6 MPH

Montero features Four-Seamers over Two-Seamers at a 2:1 ratio, though the former was tagged for a 1.463 OPS across the small sample of 148 pitches in 2016. At the same time, Montero struggles the ability to throw his Two-Seamer for a strike, forcing him to rely on the straight heater when on the mound.


20.8% Thrown  83.1 MPH

The sole breaking ball in Montero's arsenal is a Slider that has above average drop. He needs to work on its command to throw it in the zone as it doesn't miss bats enough to use this pitch as a chaser instead of a strike producer.


22.1% Thrown  85.2 MPH

Montero needs his Changeup to succeed, giving batters a reason to second-guess the spin of his Four-Seamer. Look for him to keep up the same usage and toss the pitch at the knees and below to encourage whiffs off the plate.