Paul Clemens
Minnesota Twins


65.5% Thrown  91.7 MPH

Two-Seamers are the name of the game for Clemens, as he can hurl the pitch for strikes when he wants to, though he doesn't get the typical sink associated with the pitch, generating more flyballs than grounders in 2016. It didn't help him last season, as the added lift helped give batters a .286 ISO.


30.9% Thrown  74.2 MPH

With Clemens, it's all about the Curveball, which allowed a low .089 ISO across the 369 he threw last year. He can thank its bonus three inches of vertical drop for its ability to suppress line drives and longballs.


3.6% Thrown  82.8 MPH

Clemens needs a third pitch and his current option is this Changeup that doesn't have exceptional movement. He rarely touch it in 2016, though its low zone rate and high contact rate doesn't speak well for its upside.