Nick Tropeano
Los Angeles Angels


49.8% Thrown  90.9 MPH

It's plenty of Two-Seamers with Tropeano, though it doesn't come with the typical vertical drop you'd expect, as his pitches get three inches of extra "rise" than normal riding Fastballs. The result is just a 27.9% groundball rate on the pitch in 2016 and a lot of power from batters: an allowed 1.192 OPS and .303 ISO. Hopefully he can correct the ship when he returns from TJS.


27.4% Thrown  80.1 MPH

It might not look like much above, but this slide piece is absurdly deceptive - 25.1% swinging strike rate and a 43.4% O-Swing. But the best stats may in his batted ball profile: Just a 13.7% allowed line drive rate while inducing infield pop-ups at a staggering 42.1% rate. Simply ridiculous.


22.9% Thrown  81.7 MPH

There's upside in Tropeano given its solid movement and 16.6% career swinging strike rates and despite allowing four longballs in under 300 Changeups thrown last year, it will be important to continue trusting the pitch to help batters stay off his heater.