Nick Martinez
Texas Rangers


65.4% Thrown  91.4 MPH

Martinez split his time with Two-Seamers and Four-Seamers across his limited work last season, with neither pitch being all too effective, especially his Two-Seamer that could only find the plate 37.3% of the time.


7.0% Thrown  77.6 MPH

Not one of Martinez's 45 Curveballs last season induced a swing-and-a-miss as batters elected to swing at the pitch at an incredible low 17.8% clip.


22.1% Thrown  85.0 MPH

Martinez's favorite secondary pitch is this Slider, which he can throw for strikes on command. He gets a good amount of swings outside of the zone, which is especially impressive considering its average movement.


5.6% Thrown  84.9 MPH

The most successful pitch of Martinez's 2016 was technically this Changeup, registering the sole positive pVal at 1.7, though it was across just 46 pitches. In the past, Martienz has been able to use the pitch to get whiffs when paired with his Four-Seamer and taking advantage of the six inch vertical differential.