Nathan Karns
Kansas City Royals


53.4% Thrown  92.9 MPH

This Four-Seamer has the velocity to be a successful pitch for Karns, it comes down to commanding it better inside the zone and bearing down deeper in counts - Karns held a poor 14.9% walk rate with the pitch last year. Additionally, not having a proper secondary pitch that he can rely on to hit the zone over half the time amplifies this issue for Karns.


36.4% Thrown  81.4 MPH

Karns loves his Knuckle-Curveball and there's little reason not to. He gets above average drop with it, while earning plenty of whiffs and can still throw it in the zone. He got a bit unlucky with a .323 BABIP last season, though he still limited opposing batting averages to just .228


10.2% Thrown  86.2 MPH

Karns' development as a proper starting pitcher hinges on him working on this Changeup to have a proper offering to show batters on multiple turns of the lineup. Currently, there's upside here as he gets a five inch differential in vertical drop that rendered an impressive 18.8% whiff last season. A larger sample size than 170 may turn its -2.3 pVal from 2016 into a positive mark, especially if its 64.4% contact rate continues.