Nathan Eovaldi
Tampa Bay Rays


48.6% Thrown  97.0 MPH

Yes, Eovaldi throws hard, topping out at a blistering 101.6mph with his Four-Seamer in 2016. Problem was, Eovaldi didn't have much faith in his secondary pitches deeper into counts, forcing him to rely on the pitch a little too much, leading to a 14.1% walk rate despite an excellent 57.9% rate.


4.0% Thrown  74.7 MPH

Yep, that's a "Get-Me-Over" Curveball alright.


16.9% Thrown  85.8 MPH

Eovaldi's favorite breaking ball is this Slider, which lost a touch of vertical drop after a solid showing in 2015. He elected to throw the pitch for strikes more often and induced a hefty amount of chases, though batters were able to connect with the pitch frequently at a high 81.6% contact rate, limiting its ability to be a putaway pitch.


3.7% Thrown  86.0 MPH

Separate from his Splitter is this Changeup that could be effective if executed properly, though it got too much of the plate too often and was laced for a 37.5% line drive rate in 2016. The Splitter is simply a better pitch with the same concept behind it.


20.7% Thrown  89.2 MPH

The golden pitch in Eovaldi's repertoire is his Splitter, as it's been heralded as the ticket to success for Eovaldi. The pitch was used as strikeout offering in 2016 and did well with a 35.1% K rate and plenty of whiffs to go along with it. Love for the pitch to bump its usage when Eovaldi returns from his long hiatus in 2018.


6.2% Thrown  92.9 MPH

Eovaldi began mixing in Cutters in 2016, which had a positive effect, generating whiffs both through hitting the zone (52.8% rate!) and batters swinging through the pitch at a 13.4% mark. He only tossed 127 in 2016, though it would not be surprising to see a bigger reliance on the pitch in the future.