Mike Pelfrey
Chicago White Sox


69.7% Thrown  92.8 MPH

Pelfrey is a Sinkerballer that relies on weak contact to get through his innings. This Sinker has done its job in the past and despite eanring bonus horizontal movement in 2016, batters converted flyballs into dingers at a 15.79% HR/FB rate, a problem Pelfrey needs to dampen moving forward.


4.8% Thrown  72.9 MPH

This is as much of a "Get-Me-Over" Curveball as you'll find, which means its 30.6% zone rate from last year is troubling.


9.7% Thrown  83.8 MPH

Pelfrey simply doesn't have an effective breaking ball in his repertoire, with this Slider getting the largest focus despite its low usage. Across his career, the pitch has earned a whiff rate of just 7.8% and an incredibly low 19.6% O-Swing mark.


15.8% Thrown  81.2 MPH

The most potential inside Pelfrey's arsenal is this Splitter, which jumped up to 15.1% whiffs last year after his career high was 10.2% previously. Its contact rate dropped 14 points, O-Swing went above 40% and his IFFB rate rose...but so did his line drive at 30% and HR/FB followed with a poor 25.0% mark. If Pelfrey can avoid those mistakes while keeping the same whiffability numbers, there's hope for some more Ks to come his way.