Mike Leake
Seattle Mariners


59.2% Thrown  90.4 MPH

It's all about grounders with Leake and his Sinker sets the tone, generating 55.9% groundballs it he pounds the zone at a 54.6% mark. However, batters were still able to lace the ball often, leading to a .857 OPS allowed and a horrendous -13.7 pVal for the season.


6.3% Thrown  78.7 MPH

2016 saw fewer Knuckle-Curveballs from Leake, which has been featured as a "Get-Me-Over" pitch across his career.


8.6% Thrown  80.7 MPH

Leake packs a ton of deception into his Slider, holding well above average bend and drop on the pitch. It's his primary strikeout pitch, earning a stellar 50.7% K rate in 2016 due to its magnificent 24.2% whiff rate. It's hard not to expect a bump in usage for 2017 despite arguments that its effectiveness is a product of excellent pitch sequencing.


8.6% Thrown  84.6 MPH

Leake has never held a solid Changeup, though it held its highest O-Swing and Swinging Strike rates in 2016. It's hard to imagine Leake turning to the pitch more frequently with its poor 30.0% zone rate last year.


17.5% Thrown  89.2 MPH

Leake had plenty of success with his Cutter in 2016, earning a 6.4 pVal as the pitch hit the zone a career high 54.6% of the time. He loves to surprise right-handers with the like in the GIF above, as well as jam left-handers inside to induce grounders at a solid 50.9% rate.